Thursday, December 13, 2012

How to Prepare Your Mattress for a Move

For many people, there is no greater signifier of home than your own bed. That’s why it’s so important to protect your mattress during your move. No one wants to sleep on a dirty, stained, or torn mattress, so take the following steps to ensure your mattress gets to your next home safe and sound.
  • Strip all linens and mattress pad from the bed.
  • Lift mattress off the box spring and lean it against a wall.
  • Slip a mattress bag over one side of the mattress, having one person hold onto the bag, while the other person lifts the mattress slightly and slides it into the bag.
  • Secure the mattress bag with packing tape for added protection.
  • Place the mattress in a mattress box and secure with packing tape.
  • Make sure not to apply tape directly to the mattress.
If you’re planning on moving soon, having a little help can make a big difference! Call Bannister Moving & Storage today to learn more about our rates at 602-942-1166.


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